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ExploreBritain.info is intended as a companion to the BritishListedBuildings.co.uk and AncientMonuments.info websites using essentially the same underlying platform. There are plenty of websites which will give you top-down tourist information about the major cities and attractions in Britain; this website takes a different approach and lists every town and village in mainland Great Britain and the associated offshore islands together with a comprehensive list of heritage and culture related tourist attractions. Features include:

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You can contact the administrator of this website by email at 'admin{at}ExploreBritain.info' (making the obvious substitution to turn that into a valid email address).

Geeky Stuff

For those that care abut such things, this site is built on an open source platform using Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. The underlying design is based on a lightweight object-oriented codebase utilising Savant3 as a templating framework.

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