Parishes and settlements in Oldham

Acre   Alt   Austerlands   Bardsley   Busk   Chadderton   Chadderton Fold   Clarksfield   Clough   Coppice   Copster Hill   Daisy Nook   Failsworth   Fitton Hill   Fullwood   Glodwick   Gravel Hole   Greenacres   Haggate   Hathershaw   Healds Green   Heyside   Higginshaw   Holden Fold   Hollinwood   Holts   Knott Lanes   Lime Side   Long Sight   Low Compton   Luzley Brook   Middleton Junction   Moorhey   Moorside   Mumps   Nimble Nook   Oldham   Oldham Edge   Pitses   Royton   Sholver   Spring Hill   Summit   Thorp   Watersheddings   Werneth   White Gate   Woodhouses  


Bleak Hey Nook   Dale   Delph   Denshaw   Diggle   Dobcross   Grains Bar   Grasscroft   Greenfield   Grotton   Harrop Dale   Heights   Lees   Linfitts   Lydgate   New Delph   Old Tame   Pobgreen   Roebuck Low   Running Hill Head   Scouthead   Slackcote   Springhead   Tame Water   Thurston Clough   Top o' th' Meadows   Tunstead   Uppermill   Wall Hill  

Shaw and Crompton

Crompton Fold   Dog Hill   High Crompton   Jubilee   Shaw   Shaw Side   Wood End  

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